Thursday, October 21, 2010

Illest of Ill and Drunken Poet

So last Friday was the opening for the Illest of Ill. It's always a huge event for us (especially Illustration majors) to bring in an outside crowd and promote the artwork of our student body. The show was a great turnout, and we had the guest judge Josh Cochran fly in to judge the whole show. He gave an artist talk and presentation as well, very inspirational. After the event on Friday night I went out to eat with a group of friends downtown at Drunken Poet. I've always been a fan of asian cuisine, and the food there is really good (even if its a bit pricey). They had good service too considering our relatively large group of 12+ people. Al-in-all it was a pretty great night, and a good way to see more of the Sarasota area.

Booker High School Play

So I went to a play at Booker High School called "Here and Now" a couple weeks ago. My Acting professor Daniel Bright told our class about it because he was instructing the high school students there and directing the play as well. I have to say it was nice to be able to go to a high school in the area. I haven't really been to a high school since, well I was at my old high school. Sometimes I feel that I get so wrapped up in being a Ringling student in such a tight-knit artistic inner circle community, that I often forget about the life that exists outside. And I have to say, the play was well performed for high school students. The stage and auditorium they performed in kinda reminded me of my old high school auditorium too. It was pretty neat.

Downtown for a Day

I went downtown a couple weeks ago for lunch and a movie on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the restaurants and diners around the area were closed at that time. However, one particular diner called The Nook was open for business. My friend and I stopped in there and grabbed lunch. Pretty good food for reasonable prices, and we caught a movie at Hollywood 20 afterwards, The Social Network. Twas a pleasant Sunday afternoon in Sarasota. :)

Ken Thompson Park

So we took a class field trip to Ken Thompson Park a while back. That was my first time being on that side of the bay, and I have to say it was quite nice. I'd like to venture back there again sometime soon to go landscape painting. There's some pretty gorgeous scenery around there, especially near sunset. Not to mention the different collections of wildlife and indigenous plants nearby. Lots of boats too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Touring the town

So I've been meaning to write on here for a while, of all the different areas of Sarasota that I've been visiting. I'll be catching up with new posts on different locations.

First I'll start with Blue Line. I've been living in Sarasota as a Ringling student for over two years now, and this semester is the first I've been to Blue Line. Normally I'll just go to Art & Frame to get my art supplies, but my roommate and I actually stopped by Blue Line for a change. It's relatively closer to campus, and they offer different selections of materials. We were able to get different papers and boards that we couldn't find elsewhere. I also found select colors of gouache and other media that I couldn't find elsewhere. I'll be keeping Blue Line in mind for future references. Decent prices too.