Wednesday, November 17, 2010

UPS Drop Box

So today I went around downtown with my roommate to try and find a UPS box. He ordered a book off of Amazon for one of his classes, and when he went to read it, the book was missing about 30 pages. So he emailed amazon about it and they sent him a shipping label to fit it back. All we had to do was find a UPS drop box. Easy right?.... Yeah..

Anyway, we wound up driving downtown trying to find one that was supposedly somewhere on fruitville near or past 301. We never found it, so we tried looking for another drop box that was somewhere near Main Street. The UPS site said there was going to be a dropbox on the backside of 1440 Main street. That specific block of main street is all bars and restaurants. We walked down the back side of that street only to find garbage dumpsters from the restaurants. From there it said another one was in a building near Central or something. We wound up walking around for a while until we found the building and asked the guy at the desk. He said the drop box was around the corner of the parking lot. Sure enough, we found it there. Finally there was a UPS drop box and we could be on the way... right?

Nope. Unfortunately the box my roommate had was just about a cubic inch or two too big to fit in the drop box. From there we left kinda frustrated and wound up looking a UPS store. We eventually found one that was down 301. My roommate dropped of the package and we went back home. Pretty ridiculous adventure all to drop off a package that wasn't even our fault.

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